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Houston…. it is known as the largest city in Texas and the 4th largest in the US. It is also known as “Space City” because of it’s involvement with NASA. It comes as no surprise that since Houston is such a well known and large city that there are many things you can do here. With everything that you can do it becomes hard to narrow it down to the best date ideas. Below we have helped you out with this. has created a list of the best date ideas that will be sure to give you a fantastic date! Browse and enjoy.

Best Restaurants in Houston

Having a full belly of delicious food can make anyone happy and enjoy what they are doing. So, finding the perfect place to grab some grub is a sure fire way to have a great date. Below you will find our list of the Best Restaurants in Houston, where you will be sure to have your appetite satisfied and get a great meal.

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  •  How Do You Roll– HDYR is a truly unique experience. Learn to make sushi, as well as express yourself at this inexpensive, customizable, lunch or dinner date destination located below Commerce Towers.
  •  The Grove – Here is a place with great rustic American cuisine with a fantastic view. Grove offers a new and exciting urban dining experience unlike any other!
  • Downtown Aquarium – Are you someone who enjoys water and underwater life?! Well, look no further. Here you will dine while enjoying the scenery of underwater life.
  • Feast – Looking for a place to feast?! Look no further. The name Feast is a perfect fit for this restaurant. Here you can enjoy the most interesting food in Houston, just be sure to make a reservation beforehand.
  • Reef – Reef is here to provide you with expertly prepared seafood with Gulf Coast, Mediterranean and Asian influences. Reef is among the high-profile restaurants in the Houston scene, but has a unique feel unlike any other.
  • Kim Son – Kim Son was founded in 1982, coming from humble beginnings to a now successful business! Make sure to stop on by for a meal you won’t regret.
  • Mark’s – Chef Mark Cox is the man behind this restaurant! Here you will get great American Cuisine that will leave you craving more.
  • Samabuca – Samabuca is a rockin dinner club! Here you can enjoy great food while having a great live performance going on.
  • Ninfa’s – There’s only one original Ninfa’s and this is it! No matter the occasion Ninfa’s has you covered for brunch, lunch/dinner, dessert and drinks.
  • Massa’s – Massa’s provides you with all of the fine dining you could ask for in relation to seafood. If you are looking for somewhere classy to take your next date then look no further!
  • Alden – If you are looking for both a place to stay and a place to eat then look no further! Alden provides class for both your dining and sleeping experience.
  • Andalucia – If you are looking for a place to impress without burning a hole in your pocket, this tapas restaurant and bar provides you with great tasting food at a reasonable price..
  • Cordua –  Cordua first opened in 1988 when Michael Cordua decided to create a top of the line Latin restaurant. Cordua characterizes himself as “just a cook”, but he is that and MORE.
  • Bangkok Chef – If you are looking for some great Asian cuisine then look no further. Bangkok Chef provides you with great food and a great atmosphere that you don’t want to miss.
  • Beck’s Prime – Here you will find the finer side of fast food. Beck’s Prime is always fresh, always fast, and always made to order!
  • BaoZ – BaoZ is where you can taste inside the bun! If you are looking for a great place to grab some Asian food then you’ve found it.
  • Bouray’s – Bouray’s provides you with great Mexican and Vietnamese food at fair prices.  If you are looking for a top-notch burrito bar then look no further.
  • Brown Bag Deli – Looking for a great place to grab a sandwich? Then you’ve found it! Brown Bag Deli provides you with top-notch deli sandwiches that will leave you wanting more.
  • Captain D’s – This seafood kitchen was established in 1969… since then they have been providing quality seafood at a reasonable price.
  • Charlie’s BBQ – Charlie’s BBQ provides you with Texas’s finest smoked meat! If BBQ is your thing, then you’ve found your place to dine at and smile!
  • Chicken Etc – Founded in 1995, Chicken Etc was built on the philosophy of “serving superior quality food at a reasonable price”… and guess what? that’s EXACTLY what they do. You will not regret coming in here.
  • Chicken Kitchen – “Which came first? The chicken? or the Kitchen?”… well I say it doesn’t matter. Either way Chicken Kitchen is the perfect way to solve your healthy addiction called loving chicken.
  • Don Patron – This restaurant can be found in downtown offers you great food with the best margaritas in Texas. If you love Mexican food this is your place.
  • Frank’s – Frank’s Pizza is located in downtown Houston and is down right delicious! If you are looking for the old fashioned pizza, burgers, wings… Frank’s got you covered!
  • Freshii – Freshii has several locations in Houston, but all of them will provide you with a healthy option to the every day deli. At Freshii you can get something a little bit healthier and a little bit more green everyday.
  • Guadalajara Hacienda – This fine restaurant has 4 locations for you to choose from in the Houston area. All will provide you with quality food and a great environment to enjoy it in.
  • Irma’s – If you happen to be in the down town area near the ball park then stop on into Irma’s. Here you will get some great food at this southwest grill!
  • Jason’s Deli – Jason’s deli was founded in 1976 by Joe Tortorice Jr. Jason’s provides you with great customer service as well as great food so you are sure to leave satisfied.
  • Lenny’s – Creating a great sub is no small feat…. Lenny’s shows that there is a difference between an average sub and a great sub. Here you will find out just how much more work Lenny’s has put into their subs to make them great.
  • Luchi and Joey’s – Luchi and Joey’s provide you two types of experiences. One for if you only have a little time and one if you have time to kick back and relax. Either way you will leave satisfied and wanting more.
  • Pappas BBQ – Whether you want to come on in have and have bite to eat, get something to go or get your next big event catered Pappas is there!
  • Ragin’ Cajun – Ragin’ Cajun is cajun food at its best! With 4 locations to choose from you can always find a Ragin’ Cajun not too far away. You’re guaranteed to say “mmmmm, delicious” here!
  • Salata – Salata is THE next generation salad bar! If you are looking for a healthy option for your next meal this place will give you just what you need.
  • Shula’s – Shula’s is here to celebrate Coach Don Shula and all that he has done for the world of football! Come on in and have a steak and a beer or two!
  • Strip House – Looking for something classy to impress your next date without burning a hole in your wallet?! Strip House is your place. No matter what you choose to eat you will leave satisfied.
  • The 43rd – This restaurant and lounge is found at WEDGE International Tower. The only thing that is more spectacular than the view is the service you get here…. and the food!
  • Zydeco Louisiana Diner – Zydeco has been serving south Louisiana home cooking for over 20 years! It comes as no surprise that with that amount of time in the business that their food will leave you wanting more and more.

Best Bars/Lounges in Houston

Getting a drink is about the same as getting food….except you don’t have to worry about getting a drink stuck in your teeth! Grabbing a drink, lounging, and chatting with your date is the perfect way to casually get to know someone. So, check out list out below of Best Bars/Lounges in Houston. You will be sure to have a great time if you visit one of the places below.

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  •  Flying Saucer – Love beer? Well, so does this place! Here you can try a number of different beers! You can even try joining their UFO Club.
  • Pete’s – Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar is the Texas Original Rock ‘N’ Roll Sing-Along Bar! So, if you are looking for a good time involving sing along tunes and beer this is your place.
  • Pub Fiction – Pub Fiction was established 2005 and has since then provided a great formula for this bar. They are sure to give you great customer service on top of great drinks and a great atmosphere.
  • Molly’s Pub – Looking for a true Irish pub? Well, Molly’s got you covered. They were voted into Tom Horan’s Top Ten Irish Establishments in America!
  • Lucky’s Pub – If you’re looking for a place to watch all things sports related look no further! Here you can watch all of your favorite Texas teams. Texans, Astros and Dynamo are all welcome here.
  • Boheme – This cafe and wine bar is where you can go when you’re looking for something a little different. Here you can enjoy some fine wine, just as you would drink beer at a regular bar.
  • Hearsay – This gastro lounge is the place to relax and have a drink with your next date! This place provides you with a classy way to have a drink.
  • Lucie’s – Lucie’s Liquor gives you a real party, with real attitude! If you are looking for a great place to party then look no further.
  • Lucky Strike – Lucky Strike has both a bar for you to sit and enjoy some drinks, but also has a bowling alley! Here you can enjoy both a drink and knock down some pins.
  • Professional Bull Riders – Do you like bull riding and having a beer or two? Well, PBR Houston is the place for you. Here, you will get a great experience and fun time!
  • Phul Court – Phul Court is here to serve Texas wine and beer while giving them something to watch while doing so! Here you can enjoy a drink or two all while grooving to some tunes.
  • Red Cat Jazz Cafe – Is jazz music your type of thing? Red Cat gives you fine jazz music night after night. Bring your next date here for an experience like no other.
  • Shark Bar – Love retro? Shark Bar is all about retro. Here you can get a retro experience like no other ranging from what you’re drinking to how you’re dancing.
  • The Dirt – Looking for a place that’s got a little bit of rough edge to it? The Dirt is here to provide that for you with a great place to drink with an experience like no other.
  • 360 Sports Lounge – If you’re looking for the right place to watch sports then look no further. Here you will find 360 degrees of sports!
  • 4500 Washington Avenue – 4500 Washington Avenue is the perfect place to go out with your next date and dance the night away!
  • 5th Amendment – Located in midtown Houston with it’s 5 star appeal you will find this bar/club… here you can have a few drinks and dance it up.
  • 88 Keys – Here is THE piano bar in Houston’s upper Kirby district. The environment at 88 keys is relaxing and soothing. Sit back and sip on your favorite drink, chat it up with your date, and enjoy the smooth sounds of the piano.
  • The Abbey Pub – “Your local neighborhood pub is located right around the corner!” Abbey Pub provides you with friendly staff, a full service menu to choose from, and top-notch drinks.
  • Absinthe Lounge –  Absinthe is the craze now a days! If you are looking to try something new and unique this is it! Absinthe was illegal, but is now legal again.
  • Al’s –  At Al’s Sports Bar you can eat, drink, watch sports, and even smoke inside! Also, be sure to come on by and catch a show.
  • Anvil – Anvil was designed from a former Bridgestone-Firestone that was built in 1950’s. So, you will be sure to not only get great service here, you will also get a great atmosphere.
  • The Island Club – Thursday, Friday, Saturday… all perfect days to come on by and grab a drink with your date!
  • BFE – Here is Houston’s premier live music and sports bar! Here you can grab a drink, play some darts, shoot some pool or even just chat it up with everyone.
  • Big John’s – A TRUE Texas Icehouse! Come enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff, tasty food, sports and great music…
  • Big Woodrows –  Do you like beer? Looking for a great place to have one? Well, look no further… Big Woodrows is here with a great beer list.
  • Blue Moose Lodge – The Blue Moose Lodge is something different from any other bar along the Washington Street entertainment scene. This lodge is definitely something unique for Texas.
  • Brian O’ Neills – This traditional Irish pub is the perfect place for you to get your Irish fix! Make sure to get a pint while you’re here.
  • Chelsea – This wine bar is great! Come on in and have a glass while enjoying some live bands.
  • Christian’s –  This bar/grill has gotten many great reviews! Playboy ranked them in the top 10 best burgers! Come on in and have beer and enjoy some grub.
  • Darkhorse – This tavern gives you a fantastic environment to enjoy your next drink in! You’ll be amazed with what’s on tap.
  • Ei8ht – Eight is where evening… turns to night! This is THE place to party and have a good time.
  • Fat Cat’s  – This live music venue is the place to catch a show! Come on in and enjoy a drink and relax to some great tunes.
  • F Bar – Boutique clubbing is what you will find here! If you like your club experience to have a little bit of class then look no further.
  • Fox and Hound – Sports, spirits and fun! That’s what you’ll find here… come on in for one of their many events like UFC.
  • H-Town – This bar and grill is cozy and relaxing. Stop on by and have a drink… or two. H-Town is located off of Washington Ave.
  • Glitter Karaoke – Karaoke is already great…. but this karaoke glitters! So, come on down and grab a drink and sing a song or two!
  • Jet Lounge – Jet Lounge is located about downtown Houston, however it still seems like it’s in a world of it’s own! You can come in time and time again for their live music and always be surprised.
  • Mugsy – Mugsy’s has always been known for good drinks, great food, great service and a comfortable setting!
  • Gin Mill – Gin Mill is where friends and a good time come together! Come on out on the Bayou!

Best Comedy Clubs in Houston

Comedy = Laughter = Having Fun! …and if you are looking for comedy then you should look into a comedy club. If you go to one of the comedy clubs below you will be sure to see some truly hilarious comedians. If you are also looking to have someone show you how to be funny there are comedy classes listed below as well. No matter the occasion you will be sure to be rolling on the floor if you go to one of the clubs below!

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  •  The Comedy Showcase – Have you ever thought about taking defensive driving from a comedian? Well, here is a place that you can!
  • Comedy Sportz – Here is comedy… competition style! Come on in and watch team vs team comedy. You won’t regret coming in here!
  • Improv – Houston Improv is THE place if you are wanting to see some truly great improv. They even have Ralphie May from last comic standing performing.
  • The Venue – Come on out to The Venue and meet, play and learn… here you will get some great, clean comedy!
  • Comedy Guy – Chuck Montgomery is the man behind this! Here you can get some good, clean comedy! You won’t regret coming by here.
  • Laff Spot – The funniest defensive driving courses in Texas since 1991! You are sure to have a good time if you come here.
  • Third Coast Comedy Players – Third Coast Comedy Players are here to provide you with all of your comedy needs. Hire them to perform or take a class with them!

Best Cafe/Bakeries in Houston

If you’re not a fan of drinking alcohol, it’s too early in the day, or you want something more casual then why don’t you swing on into a cafe or bakery?! In our list below you will find the Best Cafe/Bakeries in Houston. You will be sure to get something delicious and sweet at one of the fine bakeries or have a great cup of coffee at one of these cafes. You’ll be sure to have a good date if you visit one of the places below.

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  •  Alonti – This catering cafe is dependable and delicious and can even be delivered to your office! There is no minimum order and 3 hour delivery guarantee.
  • Cafe Express – This cafe provides you with fresh food items with great ingredients! You will get a great experience if you stop on by here.
  • Camille’s – At this sidewalk cafe you can find delicious food at a great price. You won’t regret stopping by this place.
  • Corner Bakery Cafe – Feed the day at Corner Bakery Cafe! Come on in for all the bakery classics, get a frappe or smoothie, whichever you prefer.
  • Great American Cookies – Great American Cookies first came about in 1977 and ever since then people have been loving the cookies that can be found here!
  • Kolache Factory – This bakery/cafe has a ton of great food! At Kolache you will get quality food at a reasonable price.
  • 3 Brothers Bakery – 3 Brothers Bakery is Houston’s PREMIER family owned bakery for 5 generations! With history like that how could you go wrong with this place.
  • Rustika – At this bakery you can get wonderfully made cakes from Chef Francis! You will get the best of the best here. You won’t regret it…
  • French Gourmet – This bakery is like other bakeries… but has a little bit of class! If you are looking to impress this is an ideal location.
  • Ruggles – Ruggles is more than an award winning bakery… everything here is homemade and delicious!
  • Crave – Do you CRAVE cupcakes?! Well, look no further. Crave is here to fill the void! These delicious cupcakes will satisfy your hunger pains and leave you wanting to come back more and more.
  • Corner Bakery Cafe – Corner Bakery started out as a bread bakery on the corner of the street… since then they have grown and grown to come and get a warm environment and delicious baked goods!
  • El Bolillo – This bakery has several locations in Houston, all of which are great! If you are looking for a warm and delicious treat this is your place.
  • Phoenicia – Looking for something unique and tasty? Well, Phoenicia is in business handling specialty foods. You will be sure to leave happy here.
  • Sugar Baby’s – This family owned and operated bakery first opened it’s doors in 2007 specializing in cupcakes! Since then there has been nothing but success with cupcakes that are considered the “REAL DEAL”
  • La Madeleine – Here is a bakery/cafe like none you’ve ever been to! This is a country French cafe. Here you will get food like you’ve never had before…
  • House of Pies – Who doesn’t enjoy pie?! …the answer: no one. EVERYONE loves pie. So, stop on by here and get some fantastic pie.
  • Asturias – This Argentinian bakery provides you will all of your bakery needs, but with a unique feel. This bakery has tons of delicious items…. you won’t regret coming here.
  • Black Walnut –  Black Walnut Cafe is about to open there 5th location! All locations are equally as good. This cafe has a great atmosphere and delicious food.
  • Inversion – Half art, half coffee house, but all around great! Bring your next date here… you’ll be able to relax, chat, and have a cup of coffee.
  • Cafe Mezza – Here is a cafe that provides you with American cuisine with a Mediterranean flair. This cafe provides you with the standard cafe feel, but with a unique twist.
  • Salento – Here is cafe with a little bit more class than the rest! At Salento you can enjoy what you normally would at a cafe, but add in some delicious wine.
  • Los Cucos –   Looking for a cafe, but have it be just a little different than the rest?! Well, look no further! This Mexican cafe provides you with the regular cafe feel, with a Mexican twist.
  • Dolce Gelato – Want some gelato, panini, espresso or anything else only a delicious cafe can provide you! Well, look no further. Dolce Gelato is here.
  • Au Bon Pain – This cafe/bakery is here to provide you with some wonderfully delicious food items. You won’t regret stopping by here!

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